Hazards of Sharing Sexual Images


We’ve all heard the stories, whether it came from a friend in school or maybe even a work colleague. Someone did it again – they shared a sexual image with someone who they had an attraction with. Seems like a harmless act, that many people would do to someone they like. Wrong! That image just ended up on a revenge pornography site and on multiple cell phones, as a text message.

Now it seems as if the pictured person’s life is ending, minute by minute. With many text messages being sent to the pictured party, their stress level has just shot up, like a cannon ball launching in a battle. What all can this person do to stop it? The answer is simple – not much.

Believe it or not, many cruel individuals create websites, devoted strictly to ruining the reputations of others; even those who the website owners don’t personally know. Take for instance the website You Got Posted, which was created by Kevin Bollaert. Luckily, law enforcement and lawyers were able to obtain enough evidence and place him as the main suspect in the website creation, resulting in his arrest. The website has been shut down since the arrest, however many servers still hold data that was once on the live webpage.

Although many individuals feel great about sending private photos of themselves to people who they are attracted to, this act normally always comes with a negative consequence: photo sharing. Do you think the person you sent this image to is most likely going to keep it for themselves? Absolutely not. In many surveys, individuals admitted to sending sexual images they received to their friends and colleagues. To make matters worse, those parties who received the images also sent them to additional friends and co-workers. Now that one image sent has turned into 30 copies!

What’s the best way to prevent private images from being distributed? Simple; by not sending them at all! What’s the best way to maintain  a positive reputation? Simple; by not sending private images. Many people feel their friends and lovers can be trusted, however, we can’t see into the minds of others, so we have no idea what their next move is, in fact, most who sent their images to others, didn’t even expect their photos to end up distributed. They were left with not only a helpless feeling, but a feeling of betrayal.

The Cyber Crime Response Agency recommends that no image should be taken, which is considered provocative, sexual in nature or unprofessional. Sure, you might not be sending it out to many folks, or any at all, but that doesn’t mean your device cannot be hacked, resulting in the hacker obtaining those images! The best practice regarding images is to not take any photos you wouldn’t want your family to see. Think before you send! Once you send something, you can never take it back!


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