Man Attacked by Car, Falsely Accused Predator

DETROIT, Mich – Family and friends of a tween targeted on Kik messenger discovered who they believed was the suspect and depending on who you talk with, took things too far.

“They hit him with a car,” said Tina Pace, mother of the suspected man who was attacked. “They rolled him over and everybody is jumping out of cars and they were walking him like they were police, back towards the school.”

Tina Pace said it was vigilante justice gone wrong. Her 19-year-old son was targeted, attacked and hit by a car because several individuals thought he was praying on an 11-year-old through the kik messenger program.

“He was called the worst name you can call a person,” Pace said “To be called a pedophile, for a person who loves children, that’s the worst thing you can call a person.”

It happened the morning of March 28, after her son dropped off his 13-year-old brother at Regent Park Academy, the same school the 11-year-old girl attends.

A man followed him as he went towards Tina and his five-year-old brother – then several cars approached.

“A little silver car hits him and he rolls over the hood,” Pace said. “She deliberately tried to hit him.”

Tina claims the 11-year-old girl’s mother was behind the wheel. Detroit police later said he had nothing to do with the kik message.


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