Avoid Becoming a Bully’s Target

There’s always been bullying no matter where you go. Countless individuals are bullied at work, school, on the playground and many other places.

Unfortunately, the Internet is home to many of these bullying incidents as well. Year after year, you hear of suicides, related to online bullying. But why is the Internet such a hotspot for these incidents?

The Internet, as many know, has multiple access points. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers are the main doorways. Since this is the case, it allows anyone at any given time, the opportunity to view posted content. The worst part of all is that the content never really goes away, even if the original author deletes it.

When bullies target their victims in person, only a few individuals get to witness the incident. Sure, word of mouth helps with the missed incident for those who weren’t there, but it doesn’t give the whole picture. With the Internet, anyone is able to “attend” these confrontations, on any day and hour.

Is there a way to prevent yourself from becoming a target? Sure! It’s as easy as walking away from a fight in person. The Internet has many features, one of which is your good ole friend, Mr. Block Button. A lot of victims for some reason feel a need to defend themselves and stay in the fight, writing back numerous messages, in an attempt to salvage their reputation, but this isn’t necessary because it only seems to fuel the fire.

Placing someone on block is the best solution out there. You don’t need to continue the altercation for any reason. If you haven’t done anything wrong, simply walk away. It’s honestly the best solution out there. That way, you don’t have to see the many messages from users, encouraging the fight to continue. Many of us have lots of stress and fighting online shouldn’t have to be your extra weight. Follow the best solution by blocking those who wish to bully you. You’ll be glad you did!


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