How Protected Is Your PC?


Almost every computer today has protection, whether it’d be a firewall, anti-virus software or a self created program. It’d be silly to argue that a computer without protection is not an issue at all, especially with the rising level of threats towards technology and the high number of reported viruses.

Think of it this way: Your home has a form of protection. You already have a lock on the front door, but still, you either have a firearm, alarm system, an occupant who knows martial arts, or even a knife in the kitchen, so why take a risk with your computer? A computer without protection is an open invite to attacks, just as much as sleeping with your front door unlocked. It’s too bad we can’t do that anymore.

There are many options computer users have, many companies to choose from, ranging from the famous Norton, to Nod32, all the way to McAfee. Take time to research the options you have. Some users might find one program works better than another, which is normally the case.

But my computer already comes with Microsoft Security Essentials.

This is true for most Windows PCs. They automatically come with self-protection, such as MSE, however, those programs are not monitored and updated as frequently as a program, such as Norton. Microsoft does release updates, however, they are a corporation that deals with more than just protection, where Norton or McAfee solely focuses on protection and releases security updates, almost daily. All teams of dedicated security specialists are able to research and receive reports of new attacks and vulnerabilities.

I have Malwarebytes, which scans for viruses and threats.

Malwarebytes is a great program to use for the searching and removal of threats, however, if you’re only using the free version as most are, you aren’t receiving live monitoring, like Norton or McAfee provides, meaning you only see threats when you scan for them. Once you scan for a threat and identify one, it may be too late, as your computer might already be infected in several spots, which removal isn’t always the solution. Some viruses can literally attack files, to the point where they are no longer useful. Now you’re stuck with a computer that needs a factory reset and are at risk of losing important files.

I don’t feel I’m currently a risk. I have no enemies and I don’t download from bad sites.

It’s always important to avoid downloading movies from “free” sites, downloading “free” adult content and torrents, however, just because you don’t download these types of files, doesn’t mean you aren’t vulnerable for attack. Many computers are attacked daily, just because someone sent an email, not realizing their computer was infected and that file they sent, just happened to have the virus. Always have protection and always make sure it’s capable of scanning inbound emails.

With all of the information provided today, we hope this brings awareness to the importance of computer protection. Ensure your software is up-to-date, is a decent program and is not a free anti-virus software. Never take the risk. The one time you do, could be the last time your computer operates in normal mode.



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