A Survivor’s Story: Blain’s Story


Be careful with your choices; you don’t know who you can trust anymore.

2012 was my freshman year, which I thought would be a great year, especially being my first year of high school. I had met a guy who I thought was really cute and we started talking. Eventually after talking for about a month, he asked me for a nude, which later down the road I ended up completely regretting.

I never realized until it was too late that he really wasn’t that interested in me and that he was joking about the whole relationship with me. I found out a week after sending the picture that he sent it to most of his friends, including a girl, who I didn’t even know, who continued sending the photo around herself.

The photo eventually ended up with mostly everyone at school, including teachers; in their school email accounts to be exact. Once it got to the teachers, the school contacted my mother, who said we’d have to deal with the consequences, once they started. I couldn’t believe how bad it got, to the point where I started cutting because of my emotions. Nasty names, such as “slut” and “easy” were used by everyone to describe me. I tried going up to the people I knew who had the photo, asking if they’d delete it, but they never did.

I never thought it’d end.

Quite frankly I wanted to end my life. One night, after thinking about everything that already happened and dreading the future, I decided I’d commit suicide. I grabbed one of my belts, wrapped it around my neck and buckled it to the point where I couldn’t breathe. I figured it’d all be over with until my sister came in the room, freaked out when she saw what was happening and pulled the belt off my neck.

Police were eventually involved, who spoke to the guy who asked for the picture. They told him he could go to juvenile detention or delete the photo from his phone, but at that time it was too late. The photo had already gotten out and he could have easily asked someone for it back, which I’m sure he did. To make matters worse, Child Protective Services was involved, who questioned my mother about the incident, stating she was unfit to be a mother, since the incident occurred. I had to lie to CPS when they asked if my mother¬†already knew, because I was fearful that I’d be taken away from her.

Eventually, freshman year ended, but the names, bad reputation and memories did not. I went through my sophomore and junior year, still experiencing the harassment and depression from what the guy did to me, along with my bad actions. I wondered all of those years why it all had to happen.

To my surprise, my senior year went better than the last three years. I didn’t even end up dealing with any name-calling, rumors, drama or the past photo going around again. I suppose it was a second chance, which most people never get. I took that chance, knowing better this time and was so relieved that I could complete high school, not having the worst reputation. Be careful with your choices; you don’t know who you can trust anymore.


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