Tips to Avoid Telemarketing Fraud

It’s almost impossible to get your money back if you fallen for a telemarketing scam. Before buying anything, remember:

  • Don’t buy from unfamiliar companies. True companies understand you want more information about them before making a purchase.
  • Always request and wait for written information about offers. If you receive information about investments, ask an expert, but beware-not everything written is real.
  • Always research unknown businesses with your local Better Business Bureau. Not all bad businesses can be identified however through groups such as the BBB.
  • Take note of the sales persons information, such as name, business name, phone number, address and business license number. Take time to verify this information before starting a business transaction.
  • Before you send money to a charity, find out how much of it goes towards commissions and what percentage actually goes to the investment.
  • Do not pay in advance for services; only pay after the services are delivered.
  • Do not trust companies who wish to send a messenger to your address to collect money. This is just a way for the scammers to collect revenue from you without leaving a trace.
  • Always take time and making a decision. If the business rushes you, chances are they have something to hide that you might not be fully aware of.
  • Don’t send money for a “free prize”. If the caller says the payment is for taxes, they are violating federal law.
  • Never send money or give personal banking information. This includes banking account and routing numbers. Also, avoid giving out Social Security numbers and dates of birth.
  • Know that the information you share with a telemarketer is shared with other telemarketing companies. You should expect to receive increased contact regarding offers.
  • If you have information about fraud, report it to state, local, or federal law-enforcement.

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