Why I Volunteer For CCRA

Working for the Cyber Crime Response Agency has many pros and benefits. We wanted to know the details from the volunteers, so we asked one, Vice Executive Director Stephen Bernardoni.

Our interview helped us better understand the reason from the heart as to why these volunteers spend so much of their free time, dedicated to researching internet crimes. What we found were remarkable answers.

When did you join the agency?

I started working for the agency in 2010. I’d already worked for a previous agency similar to CCRA, however it wasn’t well established like CCRA.

What encouraged you to join the agency?

I’ve always been a people person and the Good Samaritan type. I’ve always helped my friends, tossed into crazy situations they can’t get out of. I don’t feel strangers are to be excluded from that type of assistance either.

What do you enjoy most about working for the agency?

The fact I’m able to do more than one type of job allows my boredom to stay at a minimum. One day I could be working on an investigation, then the next, I’m working on catching a nasty pedophile. There’s plenty of work to do around here.

What makes CCRA unique from other organizations?

We’re presently the only one of our kind in the United States. There are other organizations out there, referred to as “watch dog groups”, but we do more than just bring awareness and catch pedophiles in chat rooms. We actually provide investigation services, collect evidence and can help remove spyware and viruses.

What type of benefits could one receive in the agency?

There are plenty! We have discounts for credit unions and phone carriers. We also provide occasional commission pay for those who successfully resolve a case and provide in house training, as well as Homeland Security training. All come with certificates of completion.

What are some of the requirements one should expect, before applying?

There is a yearly membership due of $25, plus $13 a year for a background check. We do not accept anyone with a class B misdemeanor or higher, within 7 years and reject all applicants with felonies.

Six hours per week is the minimum number of hours allowed per week. This helps keep all volunteers in the loop of updates, so they aren’t clueless after several weeks.

What is your advice to those who are interested in joining?

Join! The membership due is cheap, compared to other nonprofit groups and the experience is great for a resume! Apply at http://www.ccra.agency.


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