The Importance of Filing a Police Report

We all hate dealing with criminal matters, especially when they affect us directly. It’s either harassment, fraud, stalking or some other type of crazy situation where we need help. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but for some, there’s difficulty in deciding if police would be helpful.

We’ve spoken with many police officers and detectives around the country. All of them said that victims of crimes who wait till the last minute or not at all, run the risk of their situation worsening and not being able to properly be resolved. Here’s a few questions from the general public, along with answers we feel would help:

I don’t have evidence against my attacker. I don’t see how the police could help.

It’s the job of the police department to locate that evidence for you. There are some departments that are too small to dedicate much time for those special situations, however, you can always hire a private investigator such as us, to find they evidence you need for a prosecution.

I don’t know who’s responsible for this attack. The police wouldn’t know where to start.

On the contrary; police can easily obtain warrants to programs, websites, accounts and other types of programming, which can allow them access to the information to find the person responsible.

I committed a crime, which caused the crime against me to be committed. I’m scared the police will come after me too.

If you file a report as a victim and are upfront about your wrongdoings, chances are the police won’t bother investigating your acts. Always be honest and don’t hide.

I tried filing a report and the police said there wasn’t anything they could do. What am I supposed to do now?

Try contacting your sheriff’s department or visit your local FBI office. If you can’t make it in person, visit the IC3 complaint center at If none of those work, resort to a private investigator.

Never believe you’re not worth the time of the police department. Always make an effort to contact and request assistance. You could end up regretting not doing so.


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