Scam Alert: The Divine Group

Resolved Investigation:

Final result: Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple Support, confirmed group is a scam.

CCRA has received a report of a scam company, claiming to be associated with Apple technical support. Reportee stated that the group called him, stating his computer was under attack and that their technical support team would need access to his computer to resolve the issue. Scam group also collected financial information from the individual.

Scam group information

Name: The Divine Group


Phone: (888) 389-5646

Phone: (925) 300-1132


Associated names: Shane Acosta

Do not answer any calls from the numbers listed above. If you are called by another number or do pick up, end the call immediately and report it to your local police, along with the Federal Trade Commission.

News article written on Divine Group:

Computer Repair Con Artists Strike Locally


2 thoughts on “Scam Alert: The Divine Group

  1. I was also scammed this morning. The Divine Group claimed they were from Windows and said that my computer was 85% damaged that I had clicked on a site the night before and hackers were trying to get in but did not. They also said my computer would shut down and crash by Monday and this is Friday. I gave them my credit card number for $199 and left my computer running with them at helm. After I got to work and told our computer guy he said it was a scam that to cancel my payment. I put in dispute as it had already gone through. And unplugged my computer. I hope it’s alright. I was in duress as I was trying to go to work. They caught me at the most a time I was most unguarded and in a hurry. I have called my credit card company and they said I could put it in dispute and will call that company when I can to cancel that plan. I already have one with Dell. I don’t need another one. I wished now I had hung up on the first ring.


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