Predators behind the Cyber Curtains


With simple clicks, we are able to navigate from one area to the other side of the globe. Technology has improved the deliverance of communication. Mankind depends on constant interaction. The world wide web has allowed us to limit travel in order to be interactive. Many frequent chatrooms, and forums to fulfill the need to interact. Nowadays, more and more people are accessing sites and interacting with strangers. Whether the intentions are honest or malicious, the areas are grey. We truly cannot verify who is the person behind the webcam or dialogue box. All we see is what they wish to disclose. What can start off as a simple conversation can have two (2) alternative endings: an innocent chat or becoming the next victim to the statistics.

“OVER 75% internet crimes involve sexual solicitation of children go unreported”-MCGRUFF SAFE GUARD

The time clock starts when the we enter the chatroom and forums. In a matter of seconds one or multiple dialogue boxes will pop. At times greetings will occur within the chat. Conversations can last from minutes to weeks. Information is exchanged and sometimes we exchange too much. The person behind the screen may appear to be interested. Their photos may be attractive or appealing to our eyes. The information that serves as identifiers may appear to be legit as the person may come off as sincere. But are they? One thing to keep in mind is that predators are opportunists, they will say everything they think will create trust. Where trust exists, confiding lingers.

Before providing personal information to strangers, consider the following:
How well do I know the person?
What are the chances that this person may be a predator?
Have they been eager for new photos and more personal information?
Have they requested to meet within hours of conversation?
Have they asked me to keep a secret or not tell anyone about the conversations? online user? Or not tell my friends or parents?
Have they requested for remote access or IP address?

One should immediately rethink providing information if they fit this criterion. Charisma is widely used to gain information that will later be used for dishonest and even heinous activities. If you engage conversation with a person, and they wish to make their presence secret tread with caution. Requesting to meet in secret is also very dangerous. Think twice before providing personal information.

According to McGruff Safe Guard:
86% chat w/o parental consent
50% teens communicate with strangers
30% teen girls are sexually solicited.
64% do things they don’t want their parents to know
1:33 teens received aggressive solicitations. They requested either to meet, exchange addresses, or talked over the phone.
75% were not troubled by the solicitation.


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