Man Receives Lawsuit From Suspected Predator


GRAND RAPIDS, MI. – A young man, who spends most of his free time exposing online predators, who was linked to the arrests of several child predators is being sued by one of the men he caught on camera.

Zach Sweers, aka “Anxiety War”, posted a video stating a lawsuit has been brought about from one of the suspects he notified police about in early 2016. The suspect states that Sweers used his YouTube channel to make defaming statements, ruining his reputation and that money had been earned by Sweers for posting the video. Sweers stated in a self-created video that no money has been received for making his videos and that all donations had been refused.

“I’m being sued” Sweers said. “I really need an attorney, but these costs are large and I really need help with this financially”, he continued. Sweers has opened up a GoFundMe page and has raised over $6,500 as of now.



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