Long Term Effects Of Bullying


Bullying has often been considered as something that some children experience at some point in their lives. However, with the Internet and smartphones, bullying has been elevated to an extremely sophisticated type of social harassment. New studies are showing that bullying can have negative effects that last long into adulthood.

In some cases, the effects of the loss of control that occurs during a bullying experience can turn around and become an anger problem. The intense feeling of helplessness people feel when being bullied can become deeply ingrained and can explode in outbursts of rage whenever the person feels he is being threatened or cornered. This behavior can lead to problems at work and in personal relationships.

Increasing feelings of anxiety or depression are often a consequence of a bullying experience as people relive the loss of control and helplessness of the experience. Substance abuse can also occur. These negative feelings can intensify over time and last well into adulthood unless treated with therapy and medications, if needed.

The emotional effects of having been bullied can be deeply suppressed and can lead to episodes of poor health. The repressed emotions can stifle the person’s enjoyment of life because they retain the same fearfulness and terror of the initial event.

It’s up to parents to ensure that kids aren’t bullying or being bullied online and in-person. With proper digital parenting, parents can be knowledgeable and reactive to these circumstances.

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Is Live.Me a Safe Program for Children?


Some might be familiar with the Live.Me app, which is a communication and entertainment application available for download on both Android and iPhone operating systems.

The program allows users from all around the world to create an account, watch live users or broadcast themselves in real time. The program is both video, audio and text communication. Not only can you view live broadcasts, but also follow users, send gifts and convert “diamonds” (what gifts are turned into) into cash.

When a user signs up, they are asked for their email address, gender and date of birth. Most would believe that if a date of birth is required, the program would restrict and separate different age groups from one another. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

When CCRA signed up for an account and performed an inspection of the program, we were not only shocked at the high number of underage users, but also with the observation of adults in those underage broadcasts. Sure, speaking with someone underage isn’t a crime, but it’s what we saw that sent chills down our spine.

On several underage broadcasts as young as 11 years old, our investigators observed primarily adult males not only communicating with those users, but also asking for inappropriate actions, such as asking these minors to “lift up their shirts”, “spread their legs” and asking to engage in online relationships on other third party applications.

Screenshot taken by a CCRA Investigator

CCRA attempted several times to contact not only the support group of Live.Me, but also their main contact listed on their privacy policy and WHOIS registration information, with limited contact received back and our replies not answered to. It’s quite clear that this company has no intentions of protecting their underage users, especially since they don’t have age separation or properly deal with abuse reports, which typically consists of only banning the reported account.

Shockingly enough, CCRA performed searches on Live.Me, finding this written material from parents and concerned internet users on commonsensemedia.org:

Common Sense Media

this app sickens me!!
Parents beware!!! I download this app and have came across multiple videos of questionable aged people takeing off their clothes. The owners of this app seriously need to do something about their security!!!

My 10 year old daughter’s number one follower is a grown adult male stranger.

I installed on my device, like a dummy to see what was up and was shocked to see a 14yr old half dressed, moving around in a sexy manner.

At this time, until Live.Me can properly put an acceptable security measure in place, CCRA highly disapproves of the application and warns all parents to check their children’s devices, to ensure the program is not installed. The program is at risk of criminal prosecution for harboring illicit content, at risk for a civil liability lawsuit and at this time, appears to not have any insurance to protect them for this risk and situation.

Record Expungement for CCRA Executive Director


As you might have read in May of 2016, CCRA wrote an article on the Executive Director, Matthew Baumgartner, who experienced the unfortunate events of the criminal justice system. Fortunately for him, this is no longer an experience he must live through.

Director Baumgartner performed an investigation in 2014, to recover a stolen cellular device for a client, who had no success with law enforcement tracking the phone. During the course of the investigation, in order for Director Baumgartner to locate and recover the device, he did what any investigator would do and contacted the service provider for assistance. As per phone company policy, Director Baumgartner was required to complete a customer release of consent form, which authorized Director Baumgartner to receive the information on the phone. The request was honored and the device was found and returned to it’s rightful owner.

Unfortunately, the document stated “law enforcement”, which Director Baumgartner made aware to the service representative. The received answer to that issue was for Baumgartner to not edit the form or scratch out words, such as law enforcement, even though he suggested and recommended so. The document had been stored away in the proper filing cabinet once the investigation concluded.

Later in 2014, a firefighter supervisor with Director Baumgartner’s local volunteer fire department, observed Baumgartner’s CCRA email signature and was curious to know if the agency had violated any charitable rights. A request to search the property for financial records of guilt was honored, no violations were found, however, the form Baumgartner completed regarding the stolen cellular device was found and picked up as evidence.

It was at that moment that detectives made a decision to charge Director Baumgartner with impersonating a police officer. The case went to court, then to trial, however, the district attorney’s office was unable to find sufficient evidence to find him guilty, which resulted in a plea bargain of “Accelerated rehab disposition”, which stated “Do not violate laws or be arrested for 6 months and your charges will be erased.”

Towards the end of May 2016 and after many months of successful completion of the ARD, Baumgartner’s attorney submitted documentation to all departments involved in the investigation, that they are ordered by court decision to destroy and erase all evidence and documentation of Baumgartner.

Now, in August 2016, CCRA is pleased to announce that the Director’s criminal record has been completely expunged and all charges erased as of July 2016. The agency has since gone through renovations to prevent any possibilities of this from occurring again, for any of it’s members.