Long Term Effects Of Bullying


Bullying has often been considered as something that some children experience at some point in their lives. However, with the Internet and smartphones, bullying has been elevated to an extremely sophisticated type of social harassment. New studies are showing that bullying can have negative effects that last long into adulthood.

In some cases, the effects of the loss of control that occurs during a bullying experience can turn around and become an anger problem. The intense feeling of helplessness people feel when being bullied can become deeply ingrained and can explode in outbursts of rage whenever the person feels he is being threatened or cornered. This behavior can lead to problems at work and in personal relationships.

Increasing feelings of anxiety or depression are often a consequence of a bullying experience as people relive the loss of control and helplessness of the experience. Substance abuse can also occur. These negative feelings can intensify over time and last well into adulthood unless treated with therapy and medications, if needed.

The emotional effects of having been bullied can be deeply suppressed and can lead to episodes of poor health. The repressed emotions can stifle the person’s enjoyment of life because they retain the same fearfulness and terror of the initial event.

It’s up to parents to ensure that kids aren’t bullying or being bullied online and in-person. With proper digital parenting, parents can be knowledgeable and reactive to these circumstances.

Read more about the terrible effects at U Know Kids


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