Protecting Yourself on Live.Me


Broadcasting live to everyone around the world can always be fun, especially if you have an amazing talent or speech to give. Every day, users from around the world create an account on Live.Me; a phone app for live broadcasting to tell their stories and hangout with each other.

The dark side of Live.Me and other similar programs is that online predators eventually find their way on. Regardless of Terms of Service agreements, minors still create accounts and broadcast to anyone between the ages of 12 and above, which of course includes adults.

Since the beginning of our Live.Me observation, our specialists have spotted hundreds of accounts, engaging in child enticement and sending pornography links to minors as young as 11 years old. Even with the large number of anti-predator users, which normally attempt to yell predators out of broadcasts by text, predators still stick around and make ridiculous requests.

So what can you do to help better protect yourself? Does being a minor mean you can’t fully enjoy the internet? Of course not.

CCRA recommends taking the following actions to help reduce the number of issues you observe during your internet adventures:

Dress appropriately: Minors have been observed wearing bikinis, tube tops and short-shorts on their live broadcasts. We don’t object to anyone expressing how they wish to dress, however you must keep in mind that different styles of dress will attract predators, which will eventually find their way into your broadcast.

Ignore inappropriate requests: If a predator asks you to lift up an article of clothing, simply ignore that user and use the block feature, by clicking on their name and selecting the block or ban.

Abandon the broadcast: As much as we hate to discourage users from continuing their broadcasts, if your broadcast’s users get too out of hand, ceasing your broadcast for a few hours might be the best option. Our specialists have observed that early afternoon tends to have less predators online.

Report online predators: Many users will agree that reporting individuals is time consuming and not something they’d enjoy doing, however if you observe a predator in your broadcast, chances are they’ll move onto another broadcast and cause issues there.

Don’t give out personal details: A lot of users will give out their age, location, their grade level and what extra curricular activities they participate in. Be sure you don’t give out any of this information. You’d be surprised how many predators can go looking for you based on the little details you give.


One thought on “Protecting Yourself on Live.Me

  1. And why isn’t the company taking care of that people? Do the users need to be the police there or what?

    I sent a message to them pointing to many things related to this topic. I got no reply yet…


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