Why screen names should be different

Most of us at one point, if not always have created a username or screen name for a website or program we use. Programs like Kik and others require a screen name to use. Most of us tend to get into the habit of using the same screen name over and over again for different programs and sites. Sure, it makes it easy for us to remember and for friends to find us, but could this be an issue?

According to reports and observations from CCRA, it actually and lead to a bad idea. How so? Put simply, it makes your information easy to find. Most sites and programs ask for your full name, city and state and where you work or go to school. While it’s true some do not, if you have the same username on programs that do ask that, it makes it easy for someone to Google your screen name and pull up those profiles where the information is held.

When speaking with the CCRA Executive Director about this situation, he commented, stating, “What we’re seeing is stalking suspects trying to track down their victims online. They can’t find the information on the initial platform, so they search on the web for that username. They find sites that do give out personal information, sometimes even addresses and further their stalking with that information.” He said.

The agency always suggests using different screen names or usernames on different sites for this purpose. Don’t let your same username lead to people discovering your other profiles with detailed information. Think of new usernames instead and limit what you provide in general.


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