How safe is Bigo Live for minors?


Severity level: HIGH

A few months ago, CCRA reported on a cell phone video application named When our online investigators started observing the program, we were floored at the amount of online enticement incidents we observed. Not only were the number of underage users high in numbers, but so were the predators.

Today, CCRA was made aware of the cell phone video application named Bigo Live, owned and operated by Bigo Technology, located out of Singapore. At first, it looks cute and innocent with the cartoon dinosaur logo, but when we first logged in, what we spotted made look like a joke along the lines of “dangerous applications”.

When making our first observations of the broadcasters, not only were we shocked at the large number of underage users from around the world, but in seconds, multiple messages to those users from grown adults, were making requests that should never be made to children. Not only were we appalled over the requests, but the fact of how Bigo Live makes available personal information on these minors as well. Anything can be found on their profiles from IP addresses, phone numbers and cities and states. We knew when spotting this that the danger level for minors was absolutely ridiculous.

Our staff made several attempts to contact Bigo Live support, however, their support team gives out no phone number, no email address and only allows you to contact them via their application’s instant message. We’ll be shocked if we even receive back a response.

Due to the danger level of this application, we strongly suggest that parents check their children’s phones and remove this application as soon as possible. The Bigo Technology group appears to show no interest in the safety of their users, particularly towards minors.


8 thoughts on “How safe is Bigo Live for minors?

  1. Bigo is not safe.coz some people are posting vulger words n want to ruin someones life but the sad part ;we can not permanently block them or we cant complain it they are active nowadays too much.We r very guilty becoz bigo doesnot have concern about it


  2. Dear bigo live, a group called AGB is not good because it serves a way for some imoral deeds. Such as having an affair with a married man/woman that lead to broken family and mist of the time thay use words which is not appropriate. Please be aware of those issues because as far as i know youre not allowing those kind of act in this group. Please block ck the group to save a family. Thank you


  3. Sir you need to take action about bigo app make violence in India you need to check out and surveillance this App there is lots of people abusing our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and Hindu Muslim so please check out Jai Hind Jai Bharat. if you want some evidence I have I hope you take action I am waiting for your reply


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