user commits suicide online

Georgia – A user, live-streamed her own suicide last Friday. Initial news reports stated the victim’s body was discovered with self-inflicted wounds outside her home at around 6 p.m. on Dec 30, 2016. Despite attempts to save her life, she was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. These types of videos on are becoming more and more common by the years. We’ve spoken with Matt Baumgartner, Executive Director of CCRA, who gave the following statement:

The decision of suicide is one that is never taken lightly, especially when it involves young children. Our predator detection unit, who constantly monitors, has reported multiple live suicides on the program, in mid to late 2016. We are doing everything we can possibly do to encourage the prevention of suicide, which includes contacting law enforcement, once we are able to gather the victim’s location.

It’s highly encouraged that you contact the suicide prevention center if you witness these types of videos, broadcasted on Our agency also recommends that all parents keep a careful eye on their children, to ensure they are not observing content that would be considered harmful in nature, such as these types of broadcasts.

Detectives are working to get a search warrant for the teen’s telephone to look at her Facebook and another social media service after it was reported that she broadcasted her own death live.


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