Microsoft Tech Support Scams


Cyber Crime Response Agency received a Microsoft Tech Support scam report today, reporting that a man, who went by the name of John Bradshaw, contacted them, unsolicited, stating that her computer was actively being hacked and that access was needed to stop the ongoing threat. Luckily, the reportee was informed enough to deny access and report the caller to our agency, which resulted in us reporting it to the Federal Trade Commission.

Information about call:

  • Suspect Name: John Bradshaw
  • Telephone Number: 805-618-2413

We recommend reporting all related calls to the Federal Trade Commission, by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP. Do not allow access to any individuals who claim to be from Microsoft. At the present time, Microsoft does not have the capability of monitoring all Microsoft devices for computer intrusion.


5 thoughts on “Microsoft Tech Support Scams

  1. I received a call today (Saturday 1/21/17 at 3:18 PM) from 818-671-1881 and my caller ID said call came from Northridge, CA. I have received similar calls a few times, but today I “played along” long enough for the guy to tell me he was calling from Microsoft and give me the phone number 1-805-618-2413. He said his extension was 1089 and his name was Nathan. To sound more legit & entice me to continue, he said I could call back to verify the number but would have to give his name and extension as well as the time of the call and a brief description of the call to be connected back to him. I instead googled the number and found this website. I then told him I was not dumb & I knew he was the one trying to gain unauthorized access to my computer, but I had gone ahead and googled the phone number and it had confirmed it was a scam. He then said something like the fact that I trusted what I found on google was a sign that I wasn’t “dumb’ but not computer savvy and that was why I had gotten hacked, etc. He ended up hanging up. He had a foreign accent that sounded Indian to me. I could hear another man in the background with the same accent saying the same thing to someone else so guessing it is a call center, probably in India and spoofing number to show up as from CA, attempting to scam tons of people.


  2. I just got the same call- my caller id said 1-818-284-6923 , I played along & asked which computer he was calling about. He said all of them – that someone hacked my IP address. he was able to give me all my info as I asked him for it, phone# ,home address & IP address. I told him i wasnt home but will call him back when I get home so he gave me a call back # of 805-618-2413. He said his name was Paul Smith. I told him he didnt sound like a Paul Smith – he had a heavy accent. So I asked him his real name he said Parish but every one calls him Paul…. Not cool that he had all my info but I wont be answering that # anymore. The call indicated it was from CA but he sounded like he was from Inida! This was not the first time they have called but the first time I have actually spoken to someone. Usually when I they call I am home & they just hang up. Makes me wonder if answering the call at home is somehow or someway allowing them to hack me!


  3. I received a call today from Jon stating that he is from Microsoft and that somebody is trying to hack my computer. He said he can show me where and how to fix it in my computer. I told him that I didn’t receive any virus or hacks and that I’m not in front of my computer right now. I “played along” because I was already skeptical since the beginning. He asked when he can call me back again. I told him I’ll call him back and asked for a call back number. He sounded hesitant but told me to call back 805-618-2413. There were voices in the background that sounded like a call center. I googled it and found out this is a scam.


  4. yes these are the fake tech scammers someone also called me about the same thing. her name sounds as EVA FERNANDEZ she called me about the same .i said i am on work can you please give me your call back number so i can call you when i am in front of the computer then she gave me 805-618-2413 and 213-457-3846 these both are the fake tech scam helpline number i found when i googled it.. so be aware about that


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