CCRA begins next step in the right direction

Last nights Board of Directors meeting went extremely well; appropriately structuring the Board, electing new positions and revising certain bylaws. At the time our President and Executive Director Matthew Baumgartner had a difficult decision to make between staying on the Board voluntarily or taking the Executive Director/CEO position full time paid. 

Before President Baumgartner’s resignation of his Board seat, he decided to nominate Vice President Stephen Bernardoni for the Presidential Chair. Mr. Bernardoni accepted the nomination running unopposed and was officially voted in by the board unanimously.

Legacy President Mr. Baumgartner made a speech during his resignation and had this to say;

“It has been my honor to serve this Agency as its President/Founder and Executive Director for seven great years! As we continue to grow there will be decisions that will need to be made and this is one of them. 

I feel it would be in the best interest of the Agency if I’m able to dedicate full-time to our operations as the CEO. In order for CCRA to exceed on the cusp of our success, it is imperative that my voice is still heard as a non-voting member of the board and to maintain a healthy partnership between the Office of the Director and Office of the President. 

My decision is not that I’d be stepping down, but of that to excel forward as I continue to mentor, guide and teach those coming into the Agency both on the board and in operations. Again, thank you for this opportunity and working so hard as a dedicated team. Together, we’ll stand against cyber crime world-wide!”


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