CCRA prepares to kick off #standing4them campaign


CCRA’s campaign for Cyber Bullying Awareness Month in October will be #standing4them. This campaign is intended to reach not only the online community, but the world as a whole in taking a stand with the current and past victims of online bullying. Many states, including Texas, have already made it against the law to cyberbully and cyberstalk others.

There are many ways that anyone can help in this campaign! Simply spreading the word, that cyber bullying is a huge problem in our society is the first step. Second, stand up for those you see victimized online! If you don’t feel like getting involved, let someone know, such as a police officer, teacher, preacher, or friend. Finally, donating to organizations that provide education is a tremendous help. Never be afraid to speak your story and mind.

October 1, 2017 will be day one of our anti bullying campaign. We of course always encourage the stand against bullying of all forms, no matter the location or time.

Contact us today to find other ways to get involved!