LaVergne detectives warn parents about signs of online predators


LAVERGNE, Tenn. — Detectives in LaVergne asked parents Friday to watch out for ways predators might try to lure in children and teenagers.

Sgt David Durham with the LaVergne Police Department said he’s seen the way predators work to contact kids and teens.

“A lot of times you will see somebody taking a kid’s photo off the internet and using that as their profile so they can use that to get in good with the kids and say they go to that school,” Durham said. “They will use a persona to get the kids to trust. Then that’s when the conversation starts, and it progressively gets worse.”

Detectives encourage parents to ask their children and teens specific questions.

“Who is this person, How do you know this person; just the general follow up questions as a parent,” Durham said. “Is this your friend? Have you ever met this person before? Do they go to your school? Have you seen them at school?”

Investigators asked parents to monitor the social media accounts and websites their children use while familiarizing themselves with new apps and technology available.

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