Are Reimbursement Scams the New Thing?

Everyone knows scams have always been an issue, especially since the internet has grown, but now it appears a larger scam has developed.

It starts off with a phone call. An unknown individual will claim to be with a software, computer company, advising that their company is closing down and that software was purchased by you years ago. They’ll inform you that you’ll be receiving a reimbursement of $100 or more, because you didn’t get the total amount of years covered by the warranty. Free money sounds great, but are you really going to get this money? No. In fact, you’ll be paying them. How so?

Once the scammer advises you on the amount you’ll supposedly receive, they’ll ask you for financial information to send you the money. After they claim to have sent the money, they’ll say they accidently sent you too much, or they accidently added an extra zero, making it $1000 instead of $100, and you’ll need to send the difference back. Most of these scammers will ask that you send via wire transfer or by a gift card.

Unfortunately, many are falling victim to this newer scam. If you ever receive a phone call or email, stating you’ll be receiving a refund, be sure to listen to all the details and ensure a reputable company is calling you. Most of the time, companies will not attempt to refund you, even if they’re going out of business.

Scam Alert: The Divine Group

Resolved Investigation:

Final result: Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple Support, confirmed group is a scam.

CCRA has received a report of a scam company, claiming to be associated with Apple technical support. Reportee stated that the group called him, stating his computer was under attack and that their technical support team would need access to his computer to resolve the issue. Scam group also collected financial information from the individual.

Scam group information

Name: The Divine Group


Phone: (888) 389-5646

Phone: (925) 300-1132


Associated names: Shane Acosta

Do not answer any calls from the numbers listed above. If you are called by another number or do pick up, end the call immediately and report it to your local police, along with the Federal Trade Commission.

News article written on Divine Group:

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